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What is copywriting?

What is copywriting?

When you tell someone you are a copywriter, you are greeted with three responses: a nod to let you know they understand, a half-nod to pretend they understand but don’t want to appear stupid, or questions about how you patent ideas and make them the ownership of the inventor. The latter response is both the furthest away from the truth and the most frequent. What they really want to scream is: “What is copywriting?”

So, what is copywriting? Copywriting is the use of language to publicise a product or service, maximising chances of it being purchased or viewed. Copywriting is divided into several factions, with some copywriters being concerned with clarity and others being concerned with maximising search engine exposure. In the latter instance, it’s not always flowery language that gets Google’s attention or encourages it to crawl your page frequently. Sometimes, the frequency of certain terms and the density of text throughout your site can determine the likelihood of it being a Google-compatible site.

SEO copywriters tinker with these settings to give your site a higher ranking. It’s a fine art but one that’s incredibly lucrative and specialised; it’s not about artistic language or powerful rhetoric, but a carefully selected series of words that are likely to make your site more visible. However, your copywriter also need to have a firm command over the English language. Why?


What is copywriting: The philosophical bit:


There’s a theory of English called Linguistic Relativity. Simply put, it states that the world we know is defined and informed by the words we know. When we come to express ourselves – to explain our needs – we use the language we have at our disposal to describe our requirements.

A good copywriter can research a company or product and then learn what search strings are likely to be typed. Not only that, they can refine these searches so that key terms appear in your website copy and are therefore more likely to appear on search engines.

As freelance copywriters, we work with you in order to either modify your current content or to devise new copy for your site. For more information, get in touch by using our contact form. We work in Leeds, Harrogate, York and nationwide.

What is copywriting? – now you know!



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