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Alexa RankAlexa Rankings | How to improve your Alexa rank.Wait a sec, what’s an Alexa rank?

I’m working with clients who are determined to improve their Alexa rankings and I’m helping them on their way. But why do we see Alexa rankings as such an important measure of our website’s success? Can’t we go on hits alone in order to get a measure of how well we’re doing?

Not really – no. If you want to advertise on your website, it is more than likely that potential clients will want to know your Google Page Rank as well as your Alexa ranking. Not only that, your Alexa ranking isn’t just about how many times people come to your site; after all, they could just be there for a second. Alexa is about more than hits – it’s about behaviour.

Even with Google releasing their new algorithm, Penguin, we have only seen a tiny minority of our stats change. Page Rank and Alexa look at who’s linking to your site. The rationale behind this is that if people are talking about you or linking to you, your content must necessarily be worthy of credit. In the past, so called ‘black-hat’ tricks were employed by certain webmasters and links to sites were bought in the hope of tricking Alexa or Page Rank. One of Penguin’s aims was to put a stop to this underhand method of sites gaining unworthy precedence.

Alexa collects data from users who have the Alexa Toolbar installed in their browser. These people volunteer their behaviour in the form of facts and figures that are automatically supplied to Alexa. Using these figures, an Alexa ranking is generated for your site, with lower numbers being the mark of a ‘successful’ site.

So what can you do to improve your Alexa rank…?

Everything and nothing. In some ways, Alexa ranking is determined by the behaviour of others but there are certainly steps you can take to improve your ranking and your site in general:

  • Write interesting content. It might sound obvious, but if people like what they read, they will come back. Not only that, they will look around your site and Alexa takes that into account when giving you a score.
  • Regular updates means that Google is more likely to crawl your page at regular intervals. Some of our clients notice huge drops in traffic when they stop blogging because their new content is not crawled for days or weeks on end.
  • Get the toolbar! You are only one person, but presumably you spend a bit of time on your site. Every bit of data makes a difference.
  • Make sure your website is optimised for SEO – Alexa Rankings will favour optimised sites. We can help you with that of course!
  • Be sociable: tweet, comment and use Facebook to talk about your site, get others talking about your site, link to your site, link from your site and build a network.
  • Don’t give up! Alexa rankings are calculated over three months of aggregated data so it might take a while for your ranking to drop.



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