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Alexa Rankings | How to improve your Alexa rank.Wait a sec, what’s an Alexa rank? I’m working with clients who are determined to improve their Alexa rankings and I’m helping them on their way. But why do we see Alexa rankings as such an important measure of our website’s success? Can’t we go on hits […]

What is copywriting? When you tell someone you are a copywriter, you are greeted with three responses: a nod to let you know they understand, a half-nod to pretend they understand but don’t want to appear stupid, or questions about how you patent ideas and make them the ownership of the inventor. The latter response […]

Facebook and SEO: Blogging about Facebook. BREAKING NEWS has long synonymous with a story that is anything but immediate or important. Nowadays, something as trivial as what airport a has-been sportsman has been spotted in makes it onto the list of stories that are deemed newsworthy enough to announce with a megaphone. Every so often, […]

Reading allows you to take a journey through boundless chasms, ceaseless plains and more importantly, embody, even if just for a moment, the feelings, attitudes and emotions of another. Even as you read this page, your inner-voice is narrating the words you see. As neurons fire and cognition ensues, you interpret each grapheme, each word […]

Taking a sip of your dad’s beer as a kid is a bona fide rite of passage to adulthood. The smallest amount of the vile, carbonated sting has to be enough to put you off for life. The self-punishment of the guilt I felt telling my dad that it tasted delicious but then casually declining […]

I’ve been doing my best to repair a radio. There’s no sound coming out. I got a screwdriver, undid the back, checked all the solder points, soldered some points that looked questionable and put the whole thing back together again. I plugged it in, optimistically turned it on and… nothing. I’m a failure. Last week, […]

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